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Josef Poncar was born on March 14, 1902 in Chodouň near Zdice. His musical development began at the age of seven, when his father, a courtly chamber musician, taught him to play the violin. Over time he learned all wind instruments as well as cello and string bass. His favorite instrument was the tenor horn. At age 11, Poncar founded his first band, and from then on worked as conductor for more than 50 years. His first composition was the polka "Při svitu", when Poncar was only 16 years old. One year later he composed another polka, "Andulička".
1935 was a very successful year for Poncar the composer. The record label Ultraphon arranged a competition for the best polka; clear winner was Poncar's "Já nemám nic" (Dance once again) with lyrics by Josef Chlumecký. This was the beginning of a very productive period. Poncar composed many popular pieces such as "Chodouňská Polka" (Da Capo), "Karlíčku můj" (Carl's polka), "Za potočinou" (At my little creek), "Počápelská Polka" (At the bird meadow), "Své srdíčko pohlídám" (O pouti), "Přes dvě vesnice" (About two villages), "Lásky hledání" (Heartache), "Říkej mám tě rád" (In love with Bohemia). In the early 1950's, Poncar's compositional pace slowed drastically when his best lyricist, Vašek Zeman, emigrated to Canada - an irreparable loss for Poncar.
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